About Us

LiquidSupps™ has been formulating cutting edge, liquid based extract formulas for nearly a decade now. Our goal is simple: Make the supplements people take work even better by enhancing bio-availability, increasing absorption rate, and provide a novel liquid delivery system that is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. This technological process we have been refining over the years leads to more efficient, more effective and highly beneficial results.

Using GMP certified laboratory and manufacturing facilities, LiquidSupps™ provides hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers with effective supplements that are essentially turbo-charged by formulating them as a liquid extract. Many people have already experienced the benefits of our top selling herbal supplements, but have never had the experience of using the liquid formulation we have become famous for. Just one dose is all it takes to know why we are cutting through the competition and rising to the top of the best selling brands on the internet and in retail storefronts across the nation.

In addition to our liquid products, we also produce several encapsulated products that work best when taken in this form. We work relentlessly to provide the highest quality, maximum potency and purity of all our products. In some instances, an encapsulated product has an advantage over a liquid formula. For instance, certain compounds are considered unstable in solution, which would lead to a rapid degradation of the active ingredients. We know when a product is best suited for encapsulation and provide that to our customers because of their desire to buy only the best.

The bottom line at LiquidSupps™ is our product and our passion for providing excellent formulations and unbeatable customer service. If you are looking for a supplement that works, and works better than any other product on the market, you have come to the right place.